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Guitar Cases

Customizable Guitar Cases by Boldface

Your music is an expression of who you are – so you want your gear be as well, right? Orginal case designs or create your own. Your bag can be changed to match your mood, and you can easily switch style any time with the interchangeable faces.This soft case design offers the protection of a thick padded interior with the portability of a lightweight gig bag. The bags have a sturdy shell, and are lined with a soft material that gently cradles your guitar.

 Natural Blond Wood Acoustic Guitar Guitar CaseView Now Natural Wood Acoustic Guitar Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Acoustic Guitar Monogram Dark Natural Wood Guitar Guitar CaseView Now Teal Gold Purple Celtic Knot Mandala Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Purple Celtic Fractal Mandala Guitar CaseView Now Mandala Monogram in Purple Gold and Turquoise Guitar CaseView Now Monogram Purple Turquoise Music Notes Pattern Guitar CaseView Now Cool Dark and Delicious Music Notes Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Turquoise Metallic Rainbow Music Notes Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Elegant Turquoise Damask Monogram On Black Guitar CaseView Now Antique Gold Damask Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Elegant Purple Damask Monogram On Black Guitar CaseView Now Elegant Royal Blue Classic Damask Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Vintage Modern Teal and Purple Damask Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Shades of Purple Psychedelic Fractal Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Monogram Gold Metallic Lace Decor On Black Guitar CaseView Now Rainbow Cats With Monogram Guitar CaseView Now Music Notes Pattern In Blue Green and Gold GuitarView Now Industrial Look Steel Leather and Diamond Plate Guitar CaseView Now Dark Tribal Damask Monogram in Bronze Gold Black GuitarView Now Metallic Stars in Silver Gold and Black Guitar CaseView Now Elegant Metallic Gold Damask Guitar CaseView Now Turquoise Blue Green Metallic Damask Celtic Knot Guitar CaseView Now Irish Green Metallic Damask Celtic Knot Monogram Guitar CaseView Now

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