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Customizable Music iPad Mini Cases

All of these designs are available for Regular iPads, iPad Mini and iPad Air, and on both the hard shell cases and the softer folio covers.

When you find your favorite design, click customize and choose the model you want from the form factor drop down list. If you need any help customizing, just drop us a line and let us know what you want. We do this every day, so it seems easy, (it really IS easy) but we know it’s not so familiar to most of you. You’ll probably have no problem with any customizations you want to make, but if you find yourself struggling at all, just ask. We always happy to hear from you!

 Personalized Cello or Violin Sheet Music Case iPad MiniView Now Rainbow Bass Guitar Personalized iPad Mini CaseView Now Lavender Mint Music Clef Swirl iPad Mini CoverView Now Personalized Abstract Music Design iPad Mini CaseView Now Rainbow Music Notes Personalized iPad Mini CaseView Now Lets Play! Music Personalized iPad Mini CaseView Now Psychedelic Trumpet Personalized iPad Mini CaseView Now Crazy Rainbow Music Notes Monogram iPad Mini CaseView Now Purple Gold Black Swirl Music Clef iPad Mini CaseView Now Rainbow Keyboards Piano Music iPad Mini CaseView Now Personalized Black Acoustic Guitar iPad Mini CaseView Now Purple Swirl Music Clef Monogram iPad Mini CaseView Now


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