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Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Sound for Musicians


We offer three different models of bluetooth speaker. These hexagonal shaped Boombot Rex speakers have a revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip. They connect to  your iPod, iPhone, smartphone, tablet or laptop using wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing you to enjoy great sound anywhere and simultaneously play or stream music while using hands free calling.

The Boombot Rex has full fidelity stereo with dual 36mm drivers and a bass woofer that maximizes low end frequency response without increasing power consumption. They are water resistant and extremely durable, with a soft touch coating on a hard ABS housing.

It’s easy to keep them charged with their medical grad, rechargeable, lithium ion  battery, so you can stay connected to your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.

Plus they’re so cute!




 Expressing the Inexpressible Design SpeakerView Now Vintage Bass Pieladium Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Black & White Piano Music SpeakerView Now Music Piano Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Black Crow Black Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Music Piano Black Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Music notes and circle of fifths black bluetooth speakerView Now Monogram Piano Keys and Musical Notes Black Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Elegant Custom Piano Keys with Gold Quatrefoil Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Personalized Piano Keys and Diamonds Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Piano Music Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Rainbow Piano Keys SpeakerView Now Circular Piano Keys and Jumbled Music Notes SpeakerView Now Whimsical Piano and Musical Notes Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Purple Piano and Music Notes Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Cheetah Guitar Pieladium Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Personalized Pink Guitar Tree Music SpeakerView Now Monogram Bass Guitar Neck Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Electric Red Guitar Music Notes Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Green Neck Bass Guitar Music SpeakerView Now Red Neck Bass Guitar Music SpeakerView Now Rock Guitar Music & Stars Mini Boombot Rex SpeakerView Now Personalized Purple Electric Guitar Music SpeakerView Now Personalized Black and White Guitar Music SpeakerView Now Retro Tie-Dye Electric Guitar Music Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Personalized Black Bass Guitar Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Personalized Fantasy Acoustic Guitar Music SpeakerView Now Retro Tie-Dye Electric Guitar Music SpeakerView Now Harmony Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth SpeakerView Now green electric guitar speakerView Now Fanciful Guitar and Music Notes Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Rainbow Guitar and Music Notes Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Electric Blues Guitar Art Boombot REX SpeakerView Now Personalized Blue Electric Guitar SpeakerView Now Personalized Sunset Bass Guitar Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Daumier’s Pierrot bluetooth speakerView Now Sonic Temple SpeakerView Now Cool Female Singer Musician Guitarist Personalized Black Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Rainbow Neck Bass Guitar Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Guitar Climbers Boombot REX SpeakersView Now white guitar pieladium speakerView Now Personalized Bass Guitar Neck Bluetooth SpeakerView Now Personalized Purple Electric Guitar SpeakerView Now Personalized Green Electric Guitar SpeakerView Now Black Electric Guitar Personalized SpeakerView Now Black Acoustic Guitar Personalized SpeakerView Now Guitar Climbers Pieladium SpeakerView Now




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