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Happy Musical Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Musical Mother's Day Gifts Doesn't it seem like holidays just keep getting earlier every year? They don't really, but my how time flies when you're having fun! (And even when you're not) So how will you say "I love you" to your musical mom this year? Here are...

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Cool Jazz Cats by Colorwash

Cool Jazz Cats by Colorwash Hey all you hep cats and mops! If jive is your thing, you're going to dig these jazz cats by Love of Color. These cool kitties are all about being mellow alligator style.  Ready to roll? Then jitterbug down and check out this collection of...

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Gym Bags

New Music Themed Duffle Gym Bags   Hauling musical equipment around can be a daunting task.    Personalized Rainbow Piano Keys Music Duffel Bag Gym DuffelView Now Personalized Rainbow Jazz Music Notes Duffel Gym Duffel BagView Now Personalized Gold Saxophone...

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The Case for Cases – Phone Cases

Cases for Your Smart Phones and Tablets Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases So you got a new phone and you want a case to keep it protected? Before you go out and pick up some cheap plastic generic looking one at a bargain, stop and think about it's going to look...

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Last Minute Gifts for Christmas

  So Christmas is only 4 days away; are you ready? If not, there is still a few hours left to shop the easy and efficient way. After that your only option will be to fight the crowds and the traffic and settle for whatever scraps are left on the shelves. You'll...

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Music Labels for Christmas and Holiday Cards Mailing

Musical Labels and Stamps for Your Holiday Cards Mailing As we're about to inundate the Post Office during the busiest mailing season of the year, it's time to stock up on holiday mailing supplies. Here are some music themed address labels and postage stamps to add...

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Music Themed Birthday Cards and Invitations

Music Themed Birthday Cards and Invitations All cards are half off this week, so it's a great time to get a really early jump on Christmas, but if you're like most of us, you're not quite ready to think about that, yet. However, if you're planning any holiday parties,...

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Cute New Tank Top Styles and Print All Over T-Shirts!

Fun New Music T-Shirt Fashion, Including All Over Print Unisex Tank Tops and 6 Cute New Ladies Cut Sleeveless Shirts Hooray! Zazzle Introduces Some Darling Girls Cut Tank Tops and We Finally Have Print All Over T-Shirts! The all over print shirts is something...

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For Musical Moms on Mother’s Day

For Musical Moms on Mother's Day Musicians can be moms, too. And, of course, moms can be musicians. (Well, duh . . . Thank you Captain Obvious!) But, actually,  this might be worth a second thought. To each of us, our mom is, well, our mom, and we usually only see her...

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St. Patrick’s Day Irish Musicians and Gifts

 St. Patrick's Day Musician Invitations, Cards and Gifts Did you know . . . that seven times as many Americans of Irish descent live in the US  compared with people living in Ireland? Not to mention all the Irish folks now living all over the world, like in Australia,...

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Valentines Day Cards

Music Valentines Day Cards   Here are some cute Valentine's Day cards for musicians:     Valentine's Day Card - Piano, Music, RosesGirlfriend Valentine card - Music, Heart and Rose Heart Strings Vintage Music Valentine Postcard I Pick You Valentine's...

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Awesome Music Art Posters

Music Art on Posters Cool music posters remain perpetually popular, while styles may evolve along with musical styles, album art and fashion. Art and music have always been connected, but the transition to a world of digital music distribution is changing how we...

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Music Holiday Cards

 Music Holiday Cards Festive Holiday and Christmas Cards With a Musical Theme It's that time of year again. Time to think about preparing for the holidays with with festive and unique Christmas Cards  cards and holiday  invitations. And if you like to do things the...

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Music Themed Wrapped Canvas Wall Art

 Music Themed Wrapped Canvas Wall Art  Music Art Prints to Complete Your Musical Decor With canvas wall art on sale at a whopping 60% off through tonight (November 11th, 2014) at midnight it seemed like a good time to update our canvas page here.  There was so much...

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Back to School Notebooks With Music Art

 Back to School Music Notebooks Unlike lunch boxes, which I ranted a bit about last week, notebooks are always on my "must have" list. And speaking of lists, which I would be lost without, having a notebook handy at all times helps me stay organized. I always stock up...

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Back to School with New Music Lunch Boxes

       Music Lunch boxes        New Music Lunch Boxes for Back to School A  new school year was always so exciting. A  new grade, new teachers, new friends, new clothes, new things to learn.  Back to...

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Fun Music Hats

Fun Music Hats There are so many trucker style music hats available it is just mind boggling! Some of them are really cool. An amazing number of them are not worth your time, let alone whatever they cost. But, regardless, they are obviously popular. I bet you know...

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Music Ties: Fun and Fancy Neckwear for Musicians

Music Ties ~ Fun and Fancy Neckwear for Musicians <2>Do musicians still wear ties? It's been awhile since I've seen any musician other than a wedding singer wearing a tie, but apparently they still do,  because these are really popular. And they're all on sale this...

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